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​24 Hour Access Storage

​Size ​Monthly Rate ​Size ​Monthly Rate
​5X4X8 ​$55.00 ​8X10X8 ​$130.00
​5X8X8 ​$90.00 ​8X20X8 ​$210.00
​6.5X8X8 ​$105.00 ​8X24X8 ​$225.00

 DSC00195.JPG Limited Access Storage Units

Access to Limited Acccess Storage Units are during normal office hours.  Please check holiday hours for expections.

​Size​Monthly Rate​Size

​Monthly Rate



  Vehicle Parking


​Type of Stall​Monthly Rate
​Open Parking​$75.00
​Covered Parking​$100.00
​Scooter Parking (Limited Access)
​Bicyle Parking (Limited Access)​

Requirements for Vehicle Parking:

  1. Vehicle must be in Working order.
  2. Provide current copies of Registration and Insurance
  3. Provide Spare Key


 Personal Mailbox Rentals

​6 Month Rentals
​Personal Mailbox without Storage​$60.00
​Personal Mailbox with Storage$30.00​
  • All PMB rentals have a 6 month starting lease
  • $5.00 key deposit on each key issued.
  • PMB Renters are able to recieve packages from USPS, UPS and FedEx


Luggage.JPGLuggage Storage

​Price for piece of luggage​$1.00 per day
​First Day Minium Charge​$5.00


Stuff-it 002.jpg

  • Manage your account online
  • Prepaid Discounts available for 6 months and 1 year
  • No Deposit Required.
  • Daily Prorated units (no anniversary date)
  • One-Time New Account Fee only $10.00
  • Admin. Fee waived for students with valid student ID.
  • Drive-Thru Security & Security Cameras
  • After-Hour Vehicles Services
  • Package Receiving Service
  • Short-Term Storage
  • Luggage Storage
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